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About Oz Lotto


History Of The Oz Lotto:


The Australian Lottery, or Oz Lotto, originally started life as a pretty straightforward 6/45 format lotto game, meaning players needed to select six balls from a possible 45. Originally, the game was identical to the Saturday Lotto. However, as time progressed, so did the game structure. In October 2005, a seventh number was added to the draw, which greatly lengthened the odds of scoring a tier one divisional win. In line with this revision, the branding for the Oz Lotto changed in many states, with emphasis placed on the addition of the seventh ball. The Oz Lotto guarantees a minimum jackpot of $2,000,000. The Australian  OzLotto Lottery


How To Play The Oz Lotto:

To play the Oz Lotto game, players need to select seven balls from a selection of 45. In order to secure a jackpot win, players need to match all seven numbers that have been drawn. In addition to the seven balls drawn, a further two are also drawn, known as the supplementary numbers. These serve the purpose of creating additional prize tiers – division 2, 4 and 7.

Oz Lotto

Despite the modest $2 million starting jackpot, don’t let that fool you- the Oz Lotto has the honorable distinction of having given away two of the biggest lottery jackpots in Australian history. The biggest being $112 million, which was split amongst four very lucky ticket holders. The second-largest jackpot which was won was $106,549,984. Either way, you look at it, that’s a whole lotta money. Another point of interest is that the Oz Lotto has a rollover limit of 25 consecutive draws. Once it reaches that threshold and the jackpot have still not been claimed, it will then filter down and be awarded to the second prize tier.

The odds of scoring a first division lottery win (jackpot) with the Oz Lotto currently stands at 1 in 45,379,620. The Oz Lotto is drawn weekly in Melbourne (every Tuesday) and is broadcast at 20h30 (AEST).

Oz Lotto Prize divisions:

This Australian lottery boasts a total of 7 prize tiers (known as ‘divisions’)

Division Winning Numbers Required  
1st Division 7  
2nd Division 6 + supplementary  
3rd Division 6  
4th Division 5 + one or both supplementary  
5th Division 5  
6th Division 4  
7th Division 3 + one or both supplementary  



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