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About Mega Sena

Play Mega Sena online

The wonderful country of Brazil just oozes an amazing culture where partying goes hand in hand with their stunning tropical beaches. They also have many attractions for those with an adventurous side where they can explore the massive Amazon River or expand their spiritual side by meditating in the world’s biggest jungle that is often quoted as the lungs of the Earth.

Not forgetting the world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro where people from the favelas will mingle with the middle classes and the wealthy all dancing the samba and celebrating together. The good news for all of Brazil and anywhere else in the world is that they can buy Brazilian National Lottery where they have a chance of changing their lives for the better.

How To Play Mega-Sena Lottery Online?

Everyone can also buy Mega-Sena tickets online and this superb lottery that has been around since 1996 is South America’s biggest and best lottery and loved by all.

How to play Mega Sena lotto tickets online

To play Mega-Sena lottery online all you have to do is:

  • Log in to your account. If you don’t have a account yet, you will need to open one to start with.
  • After you have opened your new account, you can deposit some money into it using one of our simple, safe and secure payment methods.
  • Once you’ve put money into your account, you are ready to buy Mega-Sena tickets and play Mega-Sena online.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play Mega-Sena lottery by choosing your own numbers or you can use our Quick Pick method where we have a random number generator that can pick your numbers for you.

When you buy Mega-Sena lottery tickets online, you need to:

  • Select six (6) numbers from 60 possible numbers.

The numbers you have chosen will be checked automatically against the winning numbers that are drawn after the Mega-Sena lotto draw. We at will immediately credit your account if you have won by matching the numbers drawn.

Have you heard about ‘Mega da Virada’?

This eagerly awaited Mega-Sena lottery special draw happens each year on New Year’s Eve and it’s called the ‘Mega da Virada’. The procedure is the same as when you play Mega-Sena lotto but it has better prizes.

As when you play Mega-Sena lottery normally, you will have to match six numbers out of the sixty numbers drawn for a jackpot win. There is a difference between the normal Mega-Sena online lottery and the Mega da Virada and that is if nobody gets the correct six numbers, the jackpot doesn’t roll over, it is handed down to the next prize tier.

The Mega da Virada jackpot can be awesome and back in 2012 it climbed to a huge jackpot prize of R$244 million which equates to roughly US $47 million. It was shared between three very lucky winners. The Mega da Virada jackpot is built up by a percentage of each Mega-Sena lottery prize fund throughout the year.

Mega Sena lotto tickets online

How to win the Mega-Sena Jackpot?

For you to win the Mega-Sena jackpot, you will need to match the six numbers out of sixty that are drawn from the single spinning cage.

When you play the Brazilian national lottery online with, there are various benefits to note some of which are below:

  • The first and most convenient thing is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your office or home to play Mega-Sena lottery. All you need to do is buy Mega-Sena tickets online.
  • There is an increased level of security if you buy Mega-Sena tickets online because your Mega-Sena lottery tickets are stored safely in your account where they cannot be lost or stolen or even damaged.

More Information about the Mega-Sena Lottery:

What is the Mega-Sena Lottery?

It was in 1996 that the National lottery in Brazil was launched and they called it the Mega-Sena lottery and it soon became the most popular lottery game in Brazil. It is controlled and operated by one of Brazil’s biggest banks, the Caixa Econômica Federal and it allows players two chances each week to become millionaires.

There have been various times that the Mega-Sena jackpot has climbed to nine figures and the biggest ever Mega-Sena jackpot was R$263.2 million which is the equivalent of approximately US$50 million. They split this record jackpot between three extremely lucky winners as part of the special Mega da Virada draw of December 2014.

The biggest Mega-Sena jackpot prize won by a single person in November 2015 was R$205.3 million which worked out to about US$36 million.

When Lotto Brazil was launched, there was a complicated draw where they used two spinning cages to draw the balls. They have since simplified things and the balls are now randomly drawn from one rotating globe.

There are ten balls that are a different colour from the others and a total of six colours across all of the balls. To play the Brazilian national lottery online, Mega-Sena lottery players have to choose six numbers from sixty to win. If a player gets all six numbers correct, they will win the Mega-Sena jackpot.

When you buy a Brazilian National lottery ticket, the minimum start off jackpot is R$2.5 million which is about US$440,000 and if the Mega-Sena jackpot is not won it will grow bigger as it rolls over including the special draws.

When can you play the Mega-Sena Lottery?

You can buy Mega-Sena tickets online twice a week with the draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00 hrs (BRT/BRST).

It is possible to buy Mega-Sena tickets online at and play Mega-Sena lottery up to one hour before the draw takes place. It is also possible to see how long before the next Mega-Sena online lottery draw happens.

The Mega-Sena lotto results are updated straight after each draw. To see the winning Mega-Sena lottery numbers, click on the Mega-Sena results page at

Can I play the Mega-Sena lottery from overseas?

The National Lottery in Brazil is the Mega-Sena lotto which is Brazil’s most popular lottery by far and it is possible for people to play Mega-Sena lottery anywhere in the world. All that you need to do is login to your account at and buy Mega-Sena tickets online. It’s a simple and easy way to travel to Brazil.

If you don’t have an account with yet, it’s really easy to create when you follow the simple online instructions. The next step is to add funds to your account and once the funds have reflected in your account, you can buy Mega-Sena tickets online and have a chance of winning the fabulous Mega-Sena jackpot.

Do remember that to buy Mega-Sena tickets and play Mega-Sena lottery online, you must be 18 years or older.

The Mega-Sena Jackpot Rollovers

If nobody wins the Mega-Sena jackpot it rolls over to the next Mega-Sena lottery draw.

There is no Mega-Sena jackpot rollover cap which means that there are often nine figure jackpots available.

The Mega-Sena Lottery Prize Table

The National Lottery in Brazil allocates approximately 46% of the funds raised from the Mega-Sena lotto draw to its prize fund. Only the prizes for the top three prize tiers are paid out and the value of each prize tier is based on the percentage value of the total prize fund.

This is the Mega-Sena lottery prize structure breakdown:

Match Percentage (%) of prize fund
Jackpot – Six (6) numbers 35%
Quina – Five (5) numbers 19%
Quadra – Four (4) numbers 19%

The remaining 27% of the Mega-Sena lotto prize fund is directed towards the special prize games that offer bigger prizes.

A further 22% of the fund is added to a fund set up for a special Mega-Sena lottery game held every five draws. While 5% is set aside to fund the Mega da Virada draw held every year on New Year’s Eve.

Mega-Sena Lottery Jackpot Pay-out Options

There are two pay-out options available when you have won the Mega-Sena jackpot, a lump-sum or annuity pay-out option.

You should seek professional advice to determine which pay-out option is suitable for you.

1. Lump-sum

Your jackpot will be paid out straight away using the Mega-Sena cash or lump-sum pay out option.

Online lotto tickets winners payments

2. Annuity

Your winnings will be paid to you in a series of annual payments or instalments for a stipulated period using the annuity pay out option.

The first payment will be received immediately and the remaining balance will be paid out for a predetermined number of years.

The Mega-Sena annuity pay out is calculated based on the declared Mega-Sena jackpot-winning total.

What are the chances of winning the Mega-Sena Lottery?

The Mega-Sena lottery only pays out prizes for the top three prize tiers. So your actual chance of winning any Mega-Sena lottery prize is 1 in 2,298.

Your chance of winning the Mega-Sena jackpot is 1 in 550,063,860. Below is a table listing your chances of winning any Mega-Sena lottery prize:

Match Chances of winning
Jackpot – Six (6) numbers 1 in 50,063,860
Five (5) numbers 1 in 154,518
Four (4) numbers 1 in 2,332
Estimated overall chances: 1 in 2,298


Some Interesting Facts About The Mega-Sena

  • The Mega-Sena online lottery is controlled and operated by Brazil’s largest government owned bank, Caixa Econômica Federal.
  • Each Mega-Sena lotto draw is performed inside a special lottery truck that travels the length and breadth of Brazil so that each draw is conducted in a different location.

Should you win the Mega-Sena jackpot with

If you want to know what happens should you win the Mega-Sena jackpot with, below is what you need to know:

  1. When you discover that you won the Mega-Sena jackpot, there is not a lot that you need to do. Once the Mega-Sena lotto results are published, we will instantly credit your account if you matched any winning numbers.
  2. We recommend you seek professional advice for any larger winnings which will allow you to manage your winnings according to your local legislation for claiming any international lottery winnings.


How can you claim your Mega-Sena winnings with

One of the benefits of playing the Mega-Sena online lottery at is just how easy it is to claim any Mega-Sena lottery prizes.

One of our friendly customer service agents will call you to congratulate you if you have won £/$/€200 or more.

You will need to put in a ‘cash withdrawal’ request from your account when you want to claim your Mega-Sena lotto prize. Once we have received your withdrawal request, our security team will contact you to ensure your account is verified before your request is granted.

Once your cash withdrawal request has been approved, we will deposit your winnings into your preferred bank account. You can also have your Mega-Sena online lottery winnings paid to you in numerous web wallets. However, this will depend on which country you live in including certain other factors.

For all lottery players, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

Buy Mega Sena tickets online today for your chance to win big!

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