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About Lotto 6aus49

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The German Lotto, or Lotto 6 aus 49, is a lucrative European lotto game which is primarily played in Germany. Established in 1955 and joining up with the DLTB (Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock) about two decades later, this lottery comes complete with an established history and impressive track record – it has been reported that the game awards an estimated €5 billion in prizes annually. Naturally, as it’s the national lottery game in Germany, it enjoys a loyal following from lotto enthusiasts based in the country – and this following is about to experience a dramatic increase, thanks to the guaranteed entry into the game now being offered by

·         HOW TO PLAY LOTTO 6 AUS 49:

Drawing inspiration from the game’s name, the gameplay when entering is fairly straightforward; there’s only a slight difference to the gaming format. When entering, players are required to make their lucky lotto number selection of 6 (six) main numbers from a range of numbered balls from 1-49. What makes this format different, though, is that after the main draw has completed an additional single bonus ball also gets drawn.

This Super Number, or Superzahl, is drawn from a range of numbered balls from 0-9; which are drawn from a separate ball drum. A jackpot win is achieved when your six main numbers, as well as the Superzahl number which you have selected, corresponds perfectly to the numbers which are drawn at complete random during the game. With a total of nine prize tiers, players are able to place in the lowest prize tier by correctly matching up two main numbers as well as the bonus Superzahl. The more numbers you match, the higher up in the prize tiers you’ll rank.


In December 2007, the game yielded its biggest-ever jackpot prize to three fortunate players who all correctly matched up the winning numbers; this saw each one of these players sharing the €45,382,458 win. In terms of the biggest-ever single-ticket jackpot win (won by one player) was €37,688,292 which was won in October 2006. The guaranteed starting jackpot prize in the game is €1,000,000 for the midweek draw, while the guaranteed minimum for the weekend draws weighs in at €2,000,000.

The German Lotto gets drawn twice a week: Every Wednesday at 18h25 CET, as well as every Saturday at 18h25 CET. The game employs a 13 (thirteen) consecutive rollover cap; meaning that if, after these thirteen consecutive rollovers, the jackpot prize has still not been won then it will automatically be forfeited by the top prize tier after the game and instead be redistributed amongst the second prize tier to all players who have successfully placed in this division. 

Draws are now held in Saarbrücken, but were originally held in Frankfurt, Germany from 1982 to 2013. A live lottery broadcast was shown every Wednesday (18:25pm CET) and Saturday (18:25 CET) on the ARD TV channel but was later changed to an announcement format due to a lack of viewership.  The lottery may now view online, streaming live from the official German National Lotto website, or if you're a German resident, you can catch the announcements ahead of the evening news on national television.


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