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About Lotto 6aus49

Play Lotto 6aus49 online

Welcome to the wonderful country of Germany, known as Deutschland to the locals, where the River Rhein meanders gently for hundreds of miles through the hills and valleys of the German winelands. It’s a progressive and forward thinking nation where everything has to be in order and correct.

It is the centre of Europe’s best car manufacturing industry where only the best quality will do. They also have their celebrations such as the world famous ‘Oktoberfest’ beer festival and this year it will begin from the 18th of September until the 3rd of October 2021.

Ever since East and West Germany were reunited as one country, they have gone from strength to strength but the one thing that has remained constant since 1955 is the German Lottery called Lotto 6Aus49. It is the most popular lottery in Germany and has produced many wealthy winners over the years.

How to play Lotto 6Aus49 tickets online

Ever since its 1955 launch, the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot built up a large following and became the most popular German lotto in the country. It has a reputation for producing huge jackpots including other excellent prizes.


How To Play Lotto 6Aus49 Online?

It’s very easy to play Lotto 6Aus49 online when you log onto then all you need to do is:

  • First of all sign in to your account or if you don’t have an account yet, it is very easy to create one.
  • Once you’ve opened your account you can deposit money into it by using one of our safe and secure payment methods.
  • As soon as your money reflects in your account, you can play Lotto 6Aus49 online and buy German lottery tickets.

The way to play Lotto 6Aus49 online is to:

  • Choose six (6) numbers from 49 numbers hence the name Lotto 6Aus49
  • Pick one (1) from 9 which is the ‘Superzahl’ or ‘Superball’ bonus ball

Straight after each draw, the numbers you entered are automatically checked against the winning numbers drawn. Should you win the jackpot by matching the winning numbers or any other prize; we will immediately credit your account.

Lotto 6Aus49 tickets online

What is the Superzahl or Superball?

The Superzahl (Superball) is a bonus ball that Lotto 6Aus49 introduced to the game in May 2013 to improve any player’s chance of winning a prize. You choose one ball from nine numbers.

How do you win the Lotto 6Aus49 Jackpot?

If you would like to win the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot, it’s really straightforward; you just need to match the six main numbers drawn, including the Superzahl (Superball).

More Information about the German Lotto 6Aus49:

What is the Lotto 6Aus49?

The German lottery called Lotto 6Aus49 (6 from 49) is the most popular lottery game in Germany and one of Europe’s oldest running lotto games.

This German lotto had its first draw on October the 9th 1955 and established the Lotto 6Aus49 in 1974 by combining with Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock who managed and ran Lotto 6Aus49.

Ever since then, the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot has grown in stature to become the most popular German lotto due to its simple functions, big jackpots and excellent lower prize tiers. Lotto 6Aus49 pays out around €5 billion which equates to approx US$5.9 billion in prizes each year.

Lotto 6Aus49’s biggest jackpot to date was €45.3 million or US$53 million and was drawn on December the 5th 2007. There were three winning tickets and the jackpot was split evenly between them. The biggest single winner happened in October 2006 with a jackpot of €42.6 million or about US$51 million.

On October the 7th 2006 the second biggest single Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot winner took home €37.7 million or US$45 million and in March 2009 the biggest jackpot won by a syndicate paid out €17.7 million or about US$21 million.

The minimum Lotto 6Aus49 guaranteed payouts are €1 million or US$1.2 on a Wednesday draw and a minimum of €3 million or US$3.5million for the Saturday draw.

When is the Lotto 6Aus49 draw?

After carefully selecting your lucky numbers you now would like to know when it is possible to play Lotto 6Aus49 online.

The German lotto is drawn every Wednesday at 18:25 CET and on each Saturday at 19:25 in the city of Saarbrücken in Germany. It is possible to play Lotto 6Aus49 online at up to one hour before the draw takes place.

Straight after the numbers are drawn, you can see them on our Lotto 6Aus49 results page.

Can I play Lotto 6Aus49 from overseas?

You can play Lotto6Aus49 online from almost anywhere in the world with if you have an internet connection or smart phone data. Long gone are the days when you have to visit Germany to be able to play the German lotto.

If you want to buy German lottery tickets and play Lotto 6Aus49 online, you must be at least 18 years old.

Benefits of playing Lotto 6Aus49 online at

  • When you buy German lottery tickets on so that you can play Lotto 6Aus49 online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or place of work to get your tickets.
  • The level of security is increased when you buy German lottery tickets on because your lotto tickets are securely stored in your account which means they cannot be lost, stolen, or damaged.

The Lotto 6Aus49 Jackpot Rollovers

There is a jackpot rollover cap of €45 million or about US$53 million with Lotto 6Aus49. If the jackpot reaches the cap and is not won, the money will be distributed evenly to the lower tiers.

Lotto 6Aus49 Prize Table

Matches Prize Percentage of the prize pool

Six (6) numbers + Superball



Six (6) numbers

2nd prize


Five (5) numbers + Superball

3rd prize


Five (5) numbers

4th prize


Four (4) numbers + Superball

5th prize


Four (4) numbers

6th prize


Three (3) numbers + Superball

7th prize


Three (3) numbers

8th prize


Two (2) numbers + Superball

9th prize

Fixed amount*

Lotto 6Aus49 Jackpot Pay-out Options

There is one payout option available when you win the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot, the lump sum payout option. The lump sum payout option pays out your winnings immediately.

Under exceptional circumstances, reserves the right to pay the winning jackpot total in the form of an annuity payout.

Lotto 6Aus49 Online tickets winners payments

What are the chances of winning the Lotto 6Aus49?

Nine different prize tiers are available and you have to match two numbers and the Superzahl (bonus ball) for the lowest prize with a chance of 76 to 1 of winning.

Your chance of winning any prize is 6.6 to 1 when you play Lotto 6Aus49 online. Your chance of winning the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot is 139,838,160 to 1.

Below is listed your chances of winning other Lotto 6Aus49 prizes:

Match Winning Chances

Six (6) numbers + Superball

1 in 139,838,160

Six (6) numbers

1 in 15,537,573

Five (5) numbers + Superball

1 in 542,008

Five (5) numbers

1 in 60,223

Four (4) numbers + Superball

1 in 10,234

Four (4) numbers

1 in 1,147

Three (3) numbers + Superball

1 in 567

Three (3) numbers

1 in 63

Two (2) numbers + Superball

1 in 76

The overall chance of winning any prize are 1 in 6.6

Interesting Facts About Lotto 6Aus49

Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB) operate and manage Lotto 6Aus49. It is an amalgamation of sixteen different regional lotto operators based in Germany and is called the Lotteries Gesellschaften partnership. A different partner will take the lead and run the Lotto 6Aus49 lottery every three years.

Originally the Lotto 6Aus49 lottery was only drawn every Saturday but in 1982 they introduced the current Wednesday draw. They altered the game format from 7 from 38 to 6 from 49 in June 1986 then added the Superzahl in May of 2013. This upped the chances of a win from 54 to 1 to 31 to 1.

Germany’s reunification with the old East Germany allowed the Lotto 6Aus49 lotto to market to millions of possible new lotto players. In 1995 the German government decided to allow the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot to be tax free. This made it very popular and the amount of players increased dramatically.

Biggest Lotto 6Aus49 Lottery Winners

Winner Jackpot Amount Date

Three (3) anonymous winners

€45.3 million

December 2007


€42.6 million

October 2020


€37.7 million

October 2006

Syndicate group

€17.7 million

March 2009

After you have won the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot with you now need to know how to proceed. Below is what you need to know:


What happens once I win the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot with

Once you match your numbers and find out you’ve won the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot, there is very little that you have to do. Once the results are in, we will credit the prize money into your account provided you’ve correctly matched the winning numbers.

We advise any players with more substantial winnings to get professional financial advice to manage your prize money according to your local legislation about claiming any international lotto wins.

How can you withdraw your Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot winnings with

After you play Lotto 6Aus49 online at and win any cash prizes, you will see how easy and straightforward it is to claim your winnings.

You will get a telephone call from one of our friendly customer service agents if you won £/$/€200 or more.

When you want to claim your winnings, you will need to file a cash withdrawal request from your account. Once we receive your withdrawal request, our security team will contact you to ensure your account is verified before granting your cash withdrawal request.

We will deposit your winnings into your preferred bank account when your cash withdrawal request has been granted. You will also have the choice to have your winnings paid to you in several web wallets. However, this option is dependent on the country you live in, including various other factors.

The minimum cash withdrawal limit for all our lottery players is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

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