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About EuroJackpot

Play EuroJackpot online

How to play the EuroJackpot

The aim of the euro lotto game is to predict as many correct numbers as possible. Players who match all 7 numbers drawn win the jackpot.

To play EuroJackpot lottery online all you have to do is:
  • Register or sign in to your account.
  • Add funds to your account using any of our secure payment methods. As soon as the funds reflect, you can purchase your EuroJackpot tickets.
  • Choose your five (5) lucky numbers from 1 to 50.
  • Choose two (2) Euro numbers between 1 and 12.
How To Play Euro Jackpot Lottery Online

The EuroJackpot has 11 tiers under the top jackpot prize tier.

As the Euro numbers are drawn from a different set of balls to the main numbers, it is possible for the same number to appear as both a main number and a Euro number in the same result.

EuroJackpot players can select their own numbers or use the ‘Quick Pick’ option when they buy EuroJackpot tickets online to randomly generate a set of numbers.

What are the EuroJackpot Game Rules

  • Players must be of a legal age to play Eurojackpot online at
  • Players must select five main numbers between 1 and 50.
  • Players must purchase their tickets before the close of sales in their country before the draw takes place.
  • The jackpot has a cap of €120 million.
  • The EuroJackpot game rules have changed since the game began in 2012. Previously, the jackpot could not roll over more than 12 times, but this was found to be too limiting, and in February 2013 the rollover limit was removed and replaced with a Jackpot Cap of €90 million. The matrix for the Euro numbers has also changed, expanding from 1-8 to 1-10 in October 2014.
  • In March 2022 the game rules changed again. An extra draw day was added on Tuesday, the jackpot cap was set to a €120 million and the matrix for the Euro Number exspanded from 10-12. 

Euro Millions Lottery Online

What are the luckiest EuroJackpot numbers?

When it comes to the luckiest EuroJackpot lottery numbers we have to look at the numbers that have been drawn the most. They are numbers 49, 19, 35, 18 and 40.

As you can see numbers 49, 35 and 40 are all over the usual numbers and features on a calendar. It’s for this reason that EuroJackpot lottery players are always cautioned to make sure that they spread their EuroJackpot lottery numbers out.

More Information about EuroJackpot:

What is the EuroJackpot Lottery?

The EuroJackpot is one of the most popular European lotto games in the world. It begins at €10 million and rolls over until it reaches the lottery’s jackpot cap of €120 million.

When to play the EuroJackpot?

EuroJackpot draws take place every Friday at 19:00 GMT. The draw is held in Helsinki, Finland.

You can check if your lucky numbers matched the draw EuroJackpot winning numbers on our EuroJackpot results page. Immediately after the draw, the EuroJackpot results will be updated.

Is it possible to play the EuroJackpot online?

The answer is a resounding yes! You can buy EuroJackpot tickets online right here on

Online lottery players who play the EuroJackpot online will quickly see that this is the easiest and probably the most popular way to make your purchase, check your EuroJackpot tickets, and look up any information that you are interested in. All this is possible due to the fact that the internet has given Eurojackpot lottery enthusiasts the ability to play the EuroJackpot online and buy EuroJackpot tickets online with absolute ease.

Advantages of playing the EuroJackpot online:

Playing online Buying a ticket at a store

Purchase tickets in the comfort of your home via desktop or smartphone.

Tickets can only be purchased from authorised retail stores.


Tickets can be purchased at a time that suits you.

Tickets can only be purchased during store opening hours.


Tickets are stored in your online account, eliminating the possibility of your ticket being lost, damaged or stolen.

Your printed ticket is your only proof of purchase. If it is lost, damaged or stolen it is unlikely that you will be able to claim any prizes you might have won.


You will be notified of any win via a results email.

You are responsible for checking your ticket and, if you have won, returning to an authorised retail store to collect your prize.

What is the difference between EuroJackpot and EuroMillions?

Because of the popularity of the EuroJackpot and the similarity of the name to EuroMillions people often have questions.

The EuroJackpot and the EuroMillions are similar, but not the same. Let’s take a look at the differences:

  • The EuroMillions jackpot cap is €220 million while the EuroJackpot has a maximum cap of €120 million.
  • The starting jackpot for EuroMillions is €17 million and the EuroJackpot starts at €10 million.
  • EuroMillions draws take place twice per week (Tuesday and Friday), while EuroJackpot stages one draw a week (Friday).
  • Your chances of winning the EuroJackpot jackpot are slightly greater than your chances of winning the EuroMillions jackpot.
  • Your overall chance of winning a prize in EuroJackpot are 1:26 while the overall chance of winning a prize in EuroMillions are 1:21.
  • With both games, players try to guess the five main numbers from a range of 1-50 and two more additional numbers.

Who Are The Biggest EuroJackpot Winners?

The biggest ever EuroJackpot win is €90 million, a figure that has been reached on a number of occasions. As this amount represents the game’s jackpot cap, it can roll no further once it hits this level. 

The first ticket holder to win €90 million was a Czech man, who matched all five main numbers and two Euro numbers in the draw on Friday 15th May 2015.

Jackpot Amount Date Won Winner location

€90 million

August 2019


€90 million

October 2016


€90 million

February 2018


€90 million

May 2020


€90 million

February 2020


€90 million

May 2015

Czech Republic

€ 86,9 million

April 2017


€ 84,7 million

July 2016


€ 76,7 Million

March 2016


€ 63,2 million

February 2019


Where Do The Additional Funds From Ticket Sales Go Once The Cap Has Been Reached?

The funds which would normally go to the jackpot instead go into the second prize tier.

Does The EuroJackpot Second Tier Also Have A Cap?

The second tier on the EuroJackpot is also capped at €90 million. If nobody matches the five main numbers plus one Euro number the prize fund can grow up to this amount, and any excess money beyond €90 million will then be diverted to the third tier (Match 5).

How Long Can The EuroJackpot Stay At €120 million?

The jackpot will remain at €120 million until it is won.

EuroJackpot Prize Table

There are 12 prize tiers in EuroJackpot, giving those who decided to play EuroJackpot online and buy EuroJackpot lottery tickets online the chance to win amazing prizes.

The exact amount on offer in each prize tier depends on how many tickets are sold for a draw and how many winning tickets match that prize tier.

The EuroJackpot prize table below reflects the prize, chance of winning and the estimated prize fund in each tier:

Match Estimated prize fund Chances of winning

Five (5) numbers + two (2) bonus numbers


1 in 95,344,200

Five (5) numbers + one (1) bonus number


1 in 5,959,013

Five (5) numbers


1 in 3,405,150

Four (4) numbers + two (2) bonus numbers


1 in 423,752

Four (4) numbers + one (1) bonus number


1 in 26,485

Four (4) numbers


1 in 15,134

Three (3) + two (2) bonus numbers


1 in 9,631

Three (3) numbers + one (1) bonus number


1 in 672

Three (3) numbers


1 in 602

Two (2) numbers + two (2) bonus numbers


1 in 344

Two (2) numbers + one (1) bonus number


1 in 42

One (1) number + two (2) bonus numbers


1 in 128

EuroJackpot Pay-out Options On The Jackpot

There are two pay-out options available to choose from:

  1. Cash (lump-sum) pay-out option

    The lump-sum payout option means that your prize will be paid out immediately.

  2. Annuity pay-out option

    The annuity payout option, means that your winnings will be paid to you in a series of annual payments or instalments for a stipulated period.

    You will receive the first payment immediately, and the remaining balance will be paid out for a predetermined number of years.

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What Happens After I Win the EuroJackpot with

It’s one thing to play the EuroJackpot lottery online and another when your dream becomes reality and you realise that you matched all the winning numbers required.  Once that happens, of course, you will be wondering, “what now?” The good news is, we’ve made claiming your windfall incredibly easy. 

In the event that you won £/$/€200 or more, you will receive a phone call from one of our Customer Service Representatives who will make sure that you are aware of your EuroJackpot lottery winnings.  You will then need to file a “cash withdrawal” request from your PlayUSALotteries account. Once that’s been done, a member of our security team will contact you to ensure your account is verified before your request is granted. Thereafter, your winnings will be deposited into your preferred bank account. You can also choose to have your EuroJackpot lottery winnings paid out to you in several web wallets. This option is dependent on which country you live in, including other factors. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount for all PlayUSALotteries lottery players is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

Now all you need to do is try it for yourself. Play the EuroJackpot online today and, who knows, you could be the next big winner!

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