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About EuroJackpot

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Upon initial inception, the EuroMillions lottery (not to be confused with the EuroJackpot lottery) only had three participating countries. Within a matter of months this number increased to nine competing countries, which bears testament to the viability of the EuroMillions lottery. The Pan-European countries that couldn’t participate in the EuroMillions lottery game set about devising their very own lottery so they too could share in the excitement of massive jackpot draws – and that’s exactly what they’ve brought to the table. Even though the EuroJackpot Lottery is comparatively younger (the first draw took place on 23rd March 2012), its jackpot has the ability to rise as high as €90 million!
EuroJackpot Lottery  

The EuroJackpot game employs a very similar structure to the Euro Millions lottery. Lottery players select five numbers from a possible 50, then a further two numbers from a possible eight numbers. To win the jackpot prize, players need to match all seven lucky lottery numbers. For those players who aren’t able to score a perfect match up, there are 11 additional prize tiers in which they can win.

The EuroJackpot has a fairly sizeable rollover cap in place, peaking at its record prize payout - €90 million. If the jackpot remains intact after reaching the rollover cap, then it will remain at €90m. The lower prize tier divisions will then be topped up accordingly, also to a maximum of €90 million. EuroJackpot originally had a rollover cap in place, in addition to the regular jackpot cap – the lottery could only roll over a maximum of 12 times. If, by the time the 12th draw came and the jackpot was still not won, the jackpot amount would roll down to the lower tier.

From May - August 2012 the EuroJackpot game rolled continuously. On the 12th rollover, the jackpot had still not been claimed, so the entire €27,545,858 tier one jackpot prize rolled down to the second tier (match 5+1). As there was only one second tier winner, the total jackpot prize was effectively won by a player who didn’t even match all seven numbers!

The jackpot record goes to a Czech lottery player who won a staggering
€90,000,000.70 on the 15th May 2015. The new record made headlines all over over the world as the new record-breaker jackpot for the lotto kid on the block, the EuroJackpot.

Eurojackpot Online Lottery Tickets

Rank Date Prize in Euro Prize in £ Country
1 2015-05-15
Czech Rep
2 2016-03-25
3 2014-09-12
4 2013-04-12 46.079.338,80 39,388,618.81 Germany
5 2013-07-19 41.522.930,10 35,730,481.35 Germany
6 2013-01-25 29.540.641,50 25,168,626.56 Finland
7 2012-08-10 27.545.857,50 21,576,670.18 Germany
8 2012-10-26 21.320.215,00 17,120,132.65 Denmark
2012-05-11 19.536.863,80 15,713,499.55 Germany

The EuroJackpot draw takes place once a week, every Friday night. The draw itself happens in Helsinki, Finland. The countries competing in the EuroJackpot draw are: Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden.


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