SuperEnaLotto Lottery Results

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23 January 2020
15 20 23 69 72 81 87

£54,804,805.00 | €64,900,000.00 | $71,961,120.00

Match 5 plus Bonus
£0.00 | €0.00 | $0.00

Match 5
£25,607.79 | €30,324.81 | $33,624.15

Match 4
£248.09 | €293.79 | $325.75

Match 3
£19.63 | €23.25 | $25.78

Match 2
£4.22 | €5.00 | $5.54

About Super Ena Lotto



SuperEnaLotto Lottery

How to Play the SuperEnaLotto Lottery:

To play this lottery, all players are required to do is make a selection of six numbers which range from 1-90.  By matching these six main numbers, players will be successful in winning the SuperEnaLotto jackpot prize.  The ‘jolly’ numbers, which is an extra bonus ball, is drawn in order to grant those who matched five numbers a chance to take home a bigger prize.  This bonus number only affects the second prize tier, and not the jackpot.   

Rollover information and Jackpot Prizing:

There is another additional number, known as the ‘SuperStar’, which gives players yet another chance of walking away even luckier.  Matching this number could increase the prize money up to 11-fold or pay out a fixed amount, even if players were unsuccessful in matching any of the six numbers. 

The Biggest SuperEnaLotto Jackpot Wins:


Jackpot Prize




€177, 800, 000


30th October 2010


€147.8 million

Bagnone (Toscana)

22nd August 2009

When to Play the SuperEnaLotto Lottery:

The SuperEnaLotto Lottery takes place three times each week: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 19h30CET (Central European Time).  With there being three chances for you to win big each week, this remains one of Europe’s most popular and exciting games. 



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