Loteria Nacional Extra Lottery Results

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12 November 2016
4 2 5 8 3

About Loteria Nacional Extra

Loteria Nacional Extra

How to Play Loteria Nacional Extra:

The Loteria Nacional Extra is considered one of the biggest lotteries in the world.  If all tickets issued in 2012, it has been calculated that the prize pay-out would be worth a whopping €2.52 billion!  This draw boasts an amazing 33, 642 winning combinations, with unbeatable winning odds of 1:3. 

When to Play Loteria Nacional Extra:

The draw ceremony for this is rich is both culture and history. With pupils of the San Ildefonso school drawing the winnings numbers and corresponding the prizes, while singing out the results.  It should come as no surprise then that the draw can often go on for hours before all of the prizes and winnings have been announced.  This takes place once a year on March the 14th.