US Powerball Lotto Results Feb.13, 2016

It’s another rollover for the US Powerball lotto game, as no one managed to match all the winning numbers for the draw that took place on February 13.  With the $176 million prize, and a cash value of $114.1 million, now increasing to a hefty $189 million for this Wednesday, make sure you play the lotto online.

189 million Dollar Powerball, US Powerball

Detailed Powerball lotto results

The winning numbers for the Powerball drawing held on Feb. 13 are: 7 – 15 – 18 – 19 - 36 and the red Power Ball is 20.

The last time the US Powerball lottery had a jackpot winner was on the 13th January, 2016 when the jackpot shot to a mammoth $1.5 billion. Ever since gigantic record-breaker of a draw, Powerball lotto fans have yet to see another jackpot won, increasing the jackpot amount quite substantially every time it rolls.

The first wins came in on the second prize tier, with four Powerball lotto ticket holders who matched main numbers and winning $1 million each. They come from Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338 and the odds of winning the Powerball match 5 are 1 in 11,688,053.52.

A further 27 winners matched four white main balls and the red Power Ball, ensuring that they won a total of $50,000 each.

In total, there were 774,556 winners and $9,868,104 was won in non-jackpot prizes.

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The US Powerball lottery is by far the world’s most popular lottery jackpot game.  Not only does the Powerball lotto game boast a massive minimum jackpot amount of $40 million, as we can see with the new number format changes etc. the jackpot now has a tendency to roll over numerous times, giving you the online lotto player much more to play for!

With the USA Powerball jackpot rolling over to a massive 189 million Dollars, and every ticket purchased increasing your chance to win 2 tickets to a destination of your choice, now is the time to buy a Powerball ticket online!

Regardless of whether you play Powerball online or offline, there are a few guidelines that every Powerball lottery players needs to practice to ensure they get the most out of the game:

  • You can either pick your own lucky lotto numbers or if you would like Lady Luck to steer you to millions, you can select the quickpick option. 
  • Choose five white balls with the numbers 1 and 69 and one red Power Ball between the numbers 1 and 26.

Powerball is a popular, fun game that can make you an overnight millionaire. Thankfully by playing the lotto online, you will be making sure that your entries are safe and secure.
Stay tuned until Wed. Feb 17, for the next Powerball live drawing and jackpot of $189 million!

The Powerball jackpot is currently at an estimated $189 million with a cash value of $126,200,000 for this Wednesday. The next live Powerball drawing will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, live from the Florida Lottery studios.

Winning this Wednesday’s $189 million would be totally amazing! You could afford to take some time off from your daily routine and do the things you’ve always wished you could do.

With the USA Powerball offering up jaw-dropping prizes each week, it’s only a matter of time before all of this can come true. But, you do need to take the bull by the horns and get your Powerball entries in!

We only have to look at the latest Powerball lotto results, to get into the Powerball spirit!

Good luck with your entries!
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