New York Plumber Wins Powerball

Anthony Perosi and his son have not smiling ever since they found out that their Powerball lotto ticket hit the big one.

On the 14th of March, Anthony Perosi of Staten Island stopped off at a 7-Eleven to buy a lottery ticket. It was nothing out of the ordinary as he usually did so when he was in the area.
A few days later, while sitting in a pub, Anthony overheard another patron say that the winning Powerball ticket had been purchased at the 7-Eleven. Before Anthony could even put the two together though, the bartender said that it was a teacher who had won the $136 million jackpot and confirmed saying, ‘Forget about it. You won nothing.’

Whenever, Anthony buys lottery tickets, he has a habit of pinning them to the wall in his basement.
It was nearly six weeks later, when he had car trouble that he went into his basement.  Seen as he had some time on his hands he decided to check the lotto tickets.  Even though he was sure that he had not won the jackpot, he could have still won a lower tiered prize.

The first ticket he checked, matched all the winning numbers.

Father and son win Powerball

“I’m looking at the computer and the ticket and the computer and the ticket,” he said. “I went to breathe in and no air would go in. I was by myself and I said, ‘Oh, my God, my heart has stopped.”

He got up and started walking in circles around his home with three dogs trailing his every move.   He decided to call his son, 27-year-old Anthony Perosi III.
“I said, “Come over here immediately. Don’t ask why. Just come over,’” he said.

Anthony and his son claiming the winning Powerball cheque

Above we can see father and son holding a copy of the winning Powerball ticket.

When his son arrived, they both double checked the winning Powerball numbers again, and then both of them began crying hysterically as they both realised that they were in fact multimillionaires.  “It was crazy,” Perosi said.
They claimed the $136 million Powerball prize, in the form of an oversize check. Dad, Anthony opted to take the Powerball jackpot win in a lump sum and to split it with his son, who is a salesman for a food service company. He’s share amounted to $16.5 million.

According to Anthony senior, “He’s going to buy a nice car and wants to buy a new house and a house on the shore.”
Anthony senior has been a plumber for the past 38 years and said that he does not have any plans on retiring as yet. He will however, not work as hard as he used to.

“There’s really nothing I ever wanted, anything expensive, I’m not that type of person,” said Anthony, who totalled an incredible $38.6 million. “I drive a Ford F-150 and I never had a need for a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce.   “I’m just a simple person.”

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