It Feels Great To Win The Lottery Say The Latest Lottery Winners

Even though most of the best international lottery games continue to roll and offer bigger jackpots, there have still been quite a few winners who say it feels great to win the lottery.

78-year-old Ahmad Srour

Ahmad Srour of Sunnyside in Queens County’s is the latest scratch card, millionaire. He won $1 million on a scratch card lottery ticket earlier this month.

Speaking to lottery officials Srour said, “It feels great to win the Lottery! I scratched the ticket in the store and scanned it to be sure it was a winner.”

The lucky scratch card newly minted millionaire opted to receive his winnings as a once-off lump-sum prize totalling $633,040.

He said he plans to use the money to free himself from debt and help out his family.

Lottery winner plans to spend winnings on LEGO

LEGO, lottery winner plans to buy Lego 60 years after the invention of Lego and fans are still enjoying this healthy obsession.

Inside the utopian, brick-loving world of LEGO's adult fandom is another lottery winner who won $4.8 million. Not all at once though, as his Set for Life lottery ticket won him $20,000 a month for the next 20 years.

The lucky winner, in his 20s, says he plans to use some of his winnings on Lego. He also stated that he also plans to continue working but will enjoy “blowing off some steam” thanks to his new found wealth.

Speaking to lottery officials he said, “On my silly list is a plan to go to Legoland and buy $20,000 worth of Lego.”

A spokesperson for the Lottery, Jennie Fitzhardinge, said that they were delighted he was keeping it real.

“The fact our most recent winner says that while the win is life-changing and will give him a comfortable lifestyle, that he will continue to work, is what this game is all about,” she stated.

She also said that the lottery game was in essence, the perfect game for young players as the top prize is $20,000 a month for 20 years. By receiving the lottery prize like this can set up a young person for the rest of their life.

“It’s a great way to enjoy the winnings over an extended time,” she said.

62-year-old Buffalo woman wins $1 million

Another happy lottery winner is Sixty-two-year-old Geni Miller who won $1 million on the lottery.

She said, “I usually buy the new tickets when they first come out,” explained Miller.  “I bought it after lunch and brought it back to my desk to scratch.”

At first, she had a hard time believing that she had won.

“I showed my co-worker and asked, ‘do you see what I see?’ I immediately put it in my purse and drove down to the Lottery office to claim it.”

Miller chose to receive her $1,000,000 prize as a one-time lump sum payment.  She will receive a net check totalling $524,004 after required withholdings.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” Miller continued.  “I’m thinking about retiring a little early.  I also plan to buy a new house.”

$1 million Powerball win

Sixty-one-year-old Steven Elinski told lottery officials that he saw the Powerball jackpot being advertised, asked his wife to buy a Powerball ticket and they won!

The day after the Powerball draw Barbara’s co-workers told her a $1 million winning ticket was sold at the same store she bought a ticket from. 

“I immediately called Steve and told him to check his tickets,” said Barbara.

“I pulled out the IPad to check and couldn’t believe it!  I said ‘You gotta be bagging me!’”, he said.

The couple said that the lucky Powerball win won’t change them and that they will spend their winnings on paying off their mortgage and help their children and grandchildren.

They also said that they plan to use a portion of the winnings to travel.
“There are a few places we’d like to visit.  Poland, Rome and Greece are on our list.”

Scratch card winner can’t wait to shower his daughter’s with gifts

Fifty-year-old Edgardo Nieves also recently won big on a scratch card.
While claiming his prize, the lucky dad said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the $5,000,000. I always believed I would win big, but now that I have it’s a little overwhelming.”

The $5,000,000 top prize on the 100X the Cash ticket is paid out as a one-time lump sum payment.  Nieves will receive a net check totalling $3,359,000 after required withholdings.

When asked how he plans to spend his lucky scratch card win, the happy winner said, “My first purchase will be a Cadillac Escalade. After that, I can’t wait to shower my daughters with gifts!”

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