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Results No. of winners Prize per winner
Strike 4 0 £ 0 € 0 $ 0
Strike 3 2 £ 0 € 0 $ 0
Strike 2 0 £ 41 € 57 $ 62
Strike 1 524 £ 0 € 0 $ 0
Next estimated jackpot: $ 235,000.00



Launched in 1993, the Lotto Strike game is only available to play in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. The game is an ‘add-on’ or supplementary game to bigger Australian games such as Oz Lotto or Oz Powerball and are therefore dependent on the numbers of those games and there draw results. 


The quick and easy game awards jackpot wins to players who match the first four balls of either the (Oz Lotto or Oz Powerball)drawn in order. To win any prizing, a player’s number must match the corresponding draw number in its exact position drawn, eg. A player’s 2nd number matches the draw’s 2nd number. Draw selection may be made manually or through the computer’s “auto-pick” option.  Entries may also be “boxed”, producing 24 standard games and allowing the numbers to be matched in any order.  The four prize divisions are named after the position the amount of balls must correctly be matched in to award a win, namely:

 •            Strike Four (Jackpot) – match all four numbers in the correct position

•             Strike Three – match three of the numbers in the correct position

•             Strike Two – match two of the numbers in the correct position

•             Strike One - (one free Lotto Strike game) – match one of the numbers in the correct position

Jackpots start at a minimum of $100, 000 and increase with each draw, as well as being dependent on sales. Correct matches of just one, two or three of the first four Lotto balls, in exactly the same order will also render the player a winner.

The jackpot prize rolls over with each and every draw until it reaches a total of $2 million, after which it is  capped until a lucky player manages to make a giant jackpot lotto win!


Lotto Strike may be weekly and has its draws on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday evenings. The game is an add-on to bigger lottery games like Oz Powerball or Oz Lotto, and therefore results for the game coincide with the results of those two draws, meaning that Oz Powerball and Oz Lotto winning numbers are the winning numbers for your Lotto Strike entry.  The game’s results are televised and aired on 7TWO at 8.30pm (9.30pm AEDT).